I'm Ridhima, an economist, policy consultant, data-scientist (in making), and aspiring writer-illustrator, living in New Delhi, India. 


By way of academic training, I have a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (New Delhi, India, 2012) and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Heinz College, Carnegie University (Pennsylvania, United States, 2016). 


On most days, I spend an awful amount of time designing visualizations to get my results perceivable enough to explain themselves on their own. I spend an almost competitive amount of time thinking about varied stuff and being unproductive. 


I'm Ridhima, and I'm is presently engaged with McKinsey's Global Institute (MGI). My current project involves researching the effect of technology on economic growth and labor force planning across the globe. You can read about McKinsey's work in this space here

I also work with, and represent Infinite Sum Modeling, a boutique consulting firm with a global clientele of Harvard Medical SchoolWorld Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNCTAD, and many others. Should you require our expertise, please reach out. 


I often take consultative assignments, which vary across the fields of healthcare, urban planning, agricultural planning, and trade policy. Clients are usually global consulting firms and central/state governments.

An academic at heart, I routinely take curated data science training/workshops for graduate students and employees at major public and private organizations. 

Lastly, I volunteer my time for research and fundraising for a small NGO working primarily in the field of education, in Bhadhoi, Uttar Pradesh, India. In the last 3 years, FARF has sponsored the education of over 200 kids, without any external funding. I will be grateful if you can donate for this noble cause.  Link here.

For consultative assignments, please drop me a note through the contact page, or at ridhimasodhi@gmail.com. I will be happy to help you as my time and skill permits. 

Disclaimer: This website is purely my own work, and in no way, represents the opinions, research, or consultative work done by me, or my co-workers, friends, and acquaintances at McKinsey and Company and its affiliate institutions. 

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