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I'm Ridhima,

a creative economist,


trained in applied econometrics, game theory, international trade & development, policy design, M&E frameworks, and data visualization

Should you want to learn more, you can drop me a note through the contact section, or at I will be happy to help you as my time and skill permits. 


My work intersects at providing short/long term policy insights, building data-science capabilities, and scaling econometric models

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Clients & Collabs

Former/Current Clients & Collaborations include... 

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  • Impact of free drugs on patient management and treatment outcomes, a quasi-experimental study using propensity choice modeling, 2023 (BMC Infectious Diseases, 2023); Ridhima Sodhi, Mike Penkunas, Arnab Pal

  • Global Spending on Family Planning and Reproductive Health, 2018 (Journal, Center for International Relations and Politics, Institute of Politics and Strategy, Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Money for Something: The Links between Research Funding and Innovation (IZA, 2018)

  • Smart Street Sweeping in the City of Pittsburgh, PA (Panel Paper, APPAM, Washington DC, 2017)

  • (Research Support) Family Planning in the Context of Latin America's Universal Health Coverage Agenda (Global Health: Science & Practice)

  • (Research Support) Can differentiated care models solve the crisis in HIV treatment financing? Analysis of prospects for 38 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Global Health: Science & Practice)

Working Papers

  • Impact of digital adherence technologies (DATs) on treatment outcomes among TB patients, a quasi-experimental study using propensity choice modeling

  • Adverse effects: A mixed-methods study across 7 Indian cities among TB patients; Ridhima Sodhi, et al

  • Impact of counseling guides in improving ADR management among TB patients: A mixed-methods study across 7 Indian cities among TB patients; Ridhima Sodhi, et al

  • Operational priorities for engaging with India’s private healthcare sector for the control of tuberculosis; a modeling study; Ricks S, Singh A, Sodhi R, Pal A and Arinaminpathy N

  • Piloting Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) based communication with TB patients to improve bank account seeding for Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, India

About me

Thanks for visiting my page!

I am an experienced econometrician and policy specialist, with 11+ years of experience, across academic, public, and private sectors.


I am passionate about evidence-driven decision-making and like to use a combination of econometric and design/visualization elements in order to bring out the subtleties of my analyses.

While I work across domain areas, my work in TB & HIV has led me to take a keen interest in the infectious diseases spectrum, and associated stigma. As part of a long term collaboration with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, I am working on documenting learnings from Project JEET, a nation wide private sector engagement program for TB elimination in India. 

My other recent projects (2022) include the the development of a web-based platform for tracking catastrophic healthcare expenditure and unmet needs – for the P4H Network at the World Health Organization (WHO); and leading a nation-wide quantitative study to understand social protection in India, especially in the context of unequal digital access.

I also work closely with and represent Infinite Sum Modeling, a boutique consulting firm, specializing in international development. Should you require our expertise, please reach out. 

I am an experienced data science instructor and have led multiple capacity trainings for professionals and graduate students. My academic experience includes graduate teaching at New York University, whilst also being a founding member of the federal-award-winning data science program for policy makers, Coleridge Initiative. I have a Master's in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics.

Please send a note for collaborations, questions or coffee

Thanks for sending a message, I will get back to you within a week!

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